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My heartfelt thanks to my vocal coach, Rachel is a talented singer and songwriter that brings a warm smile, a great laugh and a love of music to her instruction. She embodies the concept of a teacher, coach & mentor to her vocal sessions and always with both patience and encouragement. She is someone who can help you find your voice.

Bob Berdanier


I was in school with Rachel so I know how much passion she has for music and singing1 My daughter is 9 and absolutely loves having online singing lessons with Rachel. With everything going on in the world right now, I think it's great that Freya can escape it all and enjoy singing. Thank you

Freya Hending - 9 year old

Vocal Coaching

Every single singing skill you can dream of having, can be learned. Last summer I received a very special gift. 12 intensive singing lessons with Rachel Lea. At first it was more like a dream. I was a bit shy at my first lesson, but Rachel put me very much at ease. I felt at home in the studio where we practiced together for three months. Rachel's lessons are very complete and it makes me want to study hard and practice each element and topic. She made me believe in my dreams and that I could sing with my heart! Thank you Rachel for believing in me. I feel so happy about this adventure!

Justine Dupre

Vocal Coaching

Rachel Lea

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